asa herregård

ASA 1, 360 30 Lammhult, Sweden ASA 1, 360 30 Lammhult, Sweden
asa herregård. Växjö N, Sweden

Food, hotel, events. Our kitchen presents classic flavors with notes of forest and Swedish flavors with a twist. Simplicity and taste richness characterizes both home cooking lunches to gourmet dinners - and all food to prepare for the classic cuisines stone's rules.
Wherever possible, we use local and organic ingredients; walleye from Åsnen, crayfish from Helgasjön, local varieties of smoked sausage and salami. From our own garden picked herbs and fruits to pastries and jams during the season. The flour in the bread, of course, directly from our farm in Ekna.
In our wine list you will find both affordable variants of house wine and more exclusive vintages. For dinner we propose love to a selected wine or a specially composed wine list. Beer enthusiasts choose between some 10 varieties, while connoisseurs can browse among exquisite liqueurs.

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