Apuseni Motzi village

Câmpeni, Romania Câmpeni, Romania
Apuseni Motzi village. Câmpeni, Romania

We planned to go here but was too much snow, much better in summer. Here's what I researched:

Turn the clock back in time to old village life in beautiful surroundings.

Apuseni Mountains & Scarisoara Cave:
Cluj makes a great base for exploring the stunning Apuseni mountain range, located southwest of the city. The Apuseni Nature Park protects one of the most interesting cave systems in the country. Limestone underlies most of the park and is responsible for the area's impressive landforms and more then 400 caves, many of which can be explored. Sculptured mountain ridges, mysterious underground rivers and delicate cave formations will keep your camera busy.

Rent a car in Cluj and take the scenic drive to Campeni. Explore Scarisoara Cave, a national monument and home to the second largest underground glacier in Europe.

The Apuseni Motzi villages are ideal places to find the tranquility and timeless wisdom of traditional village life, vibrantly alive and intact here as perhaps, nowhere else in Europe.If you wish to discover local life and preserved traditions, one of the main points of interest is the Aries Valley, where the beautiful villages of Albac, Garda, and Arieseni are located. Skilled artisans, the Motzi people, carve musical instruments, hope chests and houses from the local wood, the spruce. The Apuseni Motzi villages are some of the best places in which to find tranquility and timeless wisdom of the traditional village way of life. In Patrahaitesti, a little mountain village, you may hear the famous Bucium ("Alps horns"), used for generations in the Apuseni Mountains.

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