Gilau Castle

Strada Prundar, Gilău, Romania Strada Prundar, Gilău, Romania
Gilau Castle. Gilău, Romania

The castle is located on a wooded hill overlooking the village of Gilau (Gyalu), 20 kilometres west of Cluj, on the main highway leading to Oradea (Nagyvarad) and Budapest.

South of the village rise the Gilau Mountains whose highest peak reaches almost 1900 metres. The extensive pine forests covering its slopes are ideal for excursions and sport. There is some skiing in the winter. Nearby, several artificial lakes are suitable for swimming, boating and fishing.

West of Gilau lies a region - known as Kalotaszeg, in Hungarian – which is renowned as a centre of Hungarian folk art and architecture in Romania. It has inspired painters, architects and composers like Bela Bartok. Every summer thousands visit the area in search of picturesque villages, medieval churches and ruined castles.


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