Cambodian Cooking Class

Sok San Road, Siem Reap, Cambodia Sok San Road, Siem Reap, Cambodia
cooking class food learning
Cambodian Cooking Class. Siem Reap, Cambodia

Many people choose to explore a culture through its food, and Cambodian cooking classes are becoming increasingly popular.

In Siem Reap, a range of places offer classes that teach you about the typical ingredients used in Cambodian cooking and allow you to experiment by whipping up some classic Khmer dishes.

Depending on the class, each participant may have their own cooking station and equipment or might share with a partner. Some classes include a visit to the local market or a walk around a local village to see the spices and vegetables used in cooking. You may also receive a recipe booklet which allows you to impress your friends with a Cambodian banquet when you return home. Normally you are assisted by a guide and chef and finish by enjoying the fruits of your labour.

We recommend the following classes: Sojourn Bamboo Pavilion Cambodian Cooking Class, which provides a great local experience in a local village and has a maximum of six participants per class each with individual work station. Price is $22 USD per person.

Or AnnAdyA Restaurant & Bar located in Sok San Road just down from X Bar and Haven Restaurant run hands on classes with the chef from the restaurant. Price is $18 USD per person.

cooking class food learning

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