Drop Off Service

211 Avenue A, 10009, New York, United States 211 Avenue A, 10009, New York, United States
beer happy hour hip late night
Drop Off Service. New York, United States

Originally a run-down laundromat, when the current owners of this unique bar attempted to renovate the space, they couldn't seem to remove the advertised "drop off service" line etched in the glass from the front window. Locals took notice and the name "Drop Off Service" just happened to stick.

Drop Off Service holds a special spot in our hearts, capturing one of our favorite happy hours in the city. The special offers more than 26 German, Belgian, British, and other tastefully selected brews on tap for merely $3 a pint from opening til 9:00 pm! Not into the craft beer scene? The owner's wife is super wine savvy and has created a cutting edge selection.

All around, this place is extremely welcoming, from the witty bartender all the way to the amiable owners. The magic of this place also draws in one of the best crowds you will come across in New York. A mixture of middle-aged professionals, NYU grads, local hipsters, and other interesting people all meet and mingle at Drop Off.

+1 (212) 260-2914
beer happy hour hip late night

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