Orient Experience

Cannaregio, 1847, 30121 Venezia, Italy Cannaregio, 1847, 30121 Venezia, Italy
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Orient Experience. Venezia, Italy

What happens when a group of young people from Italy, Afghanistan, and Turkey get together? In this case, the opening of two healthy takeaway shops!

These small restaurants (only two to four tables) serve Middle Eastern, and are among the few restaurants in Venice offering international cuisine. All the food is homemade, with vegetarian options available. Delicious and for everyone's budget, as they got their start focusing on serving university students. For about EUR 8 you can create your own dish, choosing from the delicious recipes on their counter, to eat in or take away.

During the summer months, they organise small live music concerts, literary events, and even a night where they read your future from tea leaves!

Open every day from midday to midnight.

39 041 822 6919
dinner local spot

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