Bia Hoi

50 Bát Đàn, Vietnam 50 Bát Đàn, Vietnam
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Bia Hoi. , Vietnam

If you look up 'cheap and cheerful' in the dictionary, there is a picture of a Bia Hoi stand in there. Well, not really, but there should be!

Bia Hoi is a Hanoi institution. These small and large establishments are dotted throughout the city, seemingly on every corner, dedicated to drinking beer. Bia Hoi is freshly brewed beer, without preservatives, that is delivered every day to these places - it's light on alcohol, easy to drink, and at around 40 cents a glass, some of the cheapest beer anywhere in the world!

This bustling joint on the corner of Bat Dan and Duong Thanh is a great place to take in the Bia Hoi experience. Locals sit on small plastic stools next to the street; just sit down and join them and the beer will come automatically. There's an English menu too for some great snacks - try the Nem Chua - fermented pork wrapped in banana leaves, which is the perfect accompaniement to your lager.

Beer Dinner Icon Local Spot People Watching

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