War Museum

National Route 6 (Airport Road), Siem Reap, Cambodia National Route 6 (Airport Road), Siem Reap, Cambodia
heritage history museum
War Museum. Siem Reap, Cambodia

Cambodia’s recent history has been hugely impacted by civil war, the Khmer Rouge genocide from 1975 – 1979, and the following guerilla warfare that continued in sections of Cambodia until 1998.

The War Museum displays the weaponry used by both sides during these periods accompanied by detailed descriptions of the battles they were used for. Some of the weaponry includes amphibious tanks, heavy artillery, helicopters, and even a flight jet. Generally they are in poor condition due to the effects of war and weather.

Usually a guide will greet you and offer to accompany you around the exhibits. Learn more about the war time and dark periods that Cambodian people went through as you walk through the galleries and displayed descriptions.

heritage history museum

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