Little Press Tuckshop

72 Flinders Street, 3000, Melbourne, Australia 72 Flinders Street, 3000, Melbourne, Australia
Food Lunch
Little Press Tuckshop. Melbourne, Australia

You may have already heard that Melbourne is the second largest Greek-speaking city on the planet after Athens. No one knows if that is actually true, but it's a regular and favourite line trotted out. What is more clear is the way this city has embraced souvlaki as one of the major food groups for survival. Having access to wonderful lamb mixed with these people's innate talent for cooking it - it's a must try staple in Melbourne. These guys do a top notch version. Drop by anytime - fill out a bag and put money inside and come back and pick it up at your nominated lunch time - a routine every Australian school child is familiar with.

If you're looking for a more classic breed of the souva - try Lambs at the city end of Lygon St.

Food Lunch

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