Flight of the Gibbon

661, Cambodia 661, Cambodia
active nature photo opportunity
Flight of the Gibbon. , Cambodia

Flight of the Gibbon is an international standard zipline and tree canopy eco-adventure located in the World Heritage - Angkor Archaeological Park.

Nestled in the rainforest, visitors soar on ziplines, traverse suspended sky bridges and abseil from a towering tree. A team of experts, with over 20 years of experience, have constructed a thrilling but safe eco-adventure incorporating the jungle’s natural features while protecting its towering trees, exotic flowers, fauna, and native wildlife.

Flight of the Gibbon is open from 7:00pm - 6:00pm (for safety reasons the last pick up is at 1:30pm). Price $129 USD per person (including transfer / pick up and either lunch or dinner). Guests who book special sunrise or sunset flights receive a free t-shirt!

+855 096 9999101
active nature photo opportunity

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