Taboo Bar & Lounge

2 Thụy Khuê, Vietnam 2 Thụy Khuê, Vietnam
Cocktails Hip Late night People Watching
Taboo Bar & Lounge. , Vietnam

THE place for the beautiful people of Hanoi. Young, wealthy locals flock to this super trendy nightclub, which is located on a moored boat at the bottom of West Lake.

Local and international DJs play mostly techno music at sound levels which are the enemy of conversation, but the vibe is a good one and it's a great place to buy a bottle of your favourite alcohol and check out the talent.

Hot tip: Best not to arrive before 10pm - you and the bartenders in their sailor boy outfits might be the only ones there.

+84 4 97 759 8585
Cocktails Hip Late night People Watching

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