56 Bathurst St., Toronto, ON, Canada 56 Bathurst St., Toronto, ON, Canada
brunch cheese good for a rainy day
CHEESEWERKS. Toronto, Canada

Delicious, totally addictive, and committed to local produce, Cheesewerks is the cheesiest place in the city. They've got a good stock of board games (we're nerds for Scrabble and Bananagrams), and we also love that their ever-changing sandwiches are named after cities / destinations, letting us indulge our wanderlust while wishing we hadn't worn our skinny jeans. If you don't get the Los Angeles (will we forgive you?) or the Picton (...we might not), get their mac and cheese. Your dining partner will forgive you for ignoring them (as long as you give them a bite).

Most Tuesday nights they have a Food Fight Trivia Night with food-related trivia questions and lots of yummy food.

Insider Tip: They actually have a grilled cheese sandwich filled with mac and cheese, but you need to know it exists to ask for it, because it's not on the menu.

Another Tip: Follow them on instagram and FB (@cheesewerks) for special offers and drool-worthy photos.

brunch cheese good for a rainy day

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