Bad Burger

133 Grand Street, 11211, Brooklyn, United States 133 Grand Street, 11211, Brooklyn, United States
dinner food local spot
Bad Burger. Brooklyn, United States

Let's not beat around the bush - this spot simply serves the best burgers, shakes, and fries you're gonna find in New York.

"But what about my dairy-free, gluten-free, vegetarian cousin Tina?" you may ask. Tell Tina to keep her pants on, because this place even offers vegan Bad Girl goods. See, everyone can have a good time here!

Bad Burger is quite the crowd pleaser, not to mention it's open 24 hours a day, delivers, and serves breakfast all day long. It's authentic and low-key - we found ourselves hanging around with the friendly staff, who whole-heartedly recommended the mouth-watering Bandito and Wake'n'Bake burgers. Let's just say it was a GOOD CHOICE!

+1 (212) 477-7727
dinner food local spot

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