The Beach

The Beach, Toronto, ON, Canada The Beach, Toronto, ON, Canada
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The Beach. Toronto, Canada

Alright, so there's a bit of a debate as to whether this neighbourhood is called The Beach or The Beaches, and even people who grew up there don't always agree.

For now, The Beach is what it's going by (although we're on Team Beaches), and it's one of Toronto's little pockets of magic.

A bit of a trek out on the Queen streetcar (it's pretty much the end of the line), you feel like you're in old time Toronto: a true neighbourhood with local shops, friendly faces, kids, dogs, and people who all know each other.

You can spend hours wandering up and down Queen East (starting around Woodbine and heading east), and then head down to the boardwalk and spend even more time just people watching, going for a run or bike ride, or lounging on the beach.

Our fave spot for brunch is the Goof (so named because of a malfunctioning sign, but officially called Garden Gate), and for a treat, nip into new kid on the block Moo Milk Bar (cookies and milk!).

Both Balmy Beach and Kew Beach offer wicked views of Lake Ontario and downtown Toronto, reminding you that the city's right there, despite feeling like a million miles away.

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