Prato do Dia: Burnout

Rua Garrett, Lisbon, Portugal Rua Garrett, Lisbon, Portugal
art photo opportunity street art
Prato do Dia: Burnout. Lisbon, Portugal

This artistic composition made by Hugo Israel reveals hundreds of dishes installed vertically over more than eight feet tall in the interior of the old pastry Marquês in the Patio Fundimo. The big visual impact on the visitor intends to provoke a bit of a vertigo sensation, like "the world is crashing down on our heads".

The dishes have messages, phrases, words, and symbols written on them, created by writer Ricardo Adolfo and are "served" as if in reference to meals. This piece of art is intended to awaken us to the overvaluation of the time we spent working, and the subsequent devaluation of our leisure time.

art photo opportunity street art

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