Chicken Street

12-18 Lý Văn Phúc, Vietnam 12-18 Lý Văn Phúc, Vietnam
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Chicken Street. , Vietnam

An entire street dedicated to the barbequeing of marinated meats? Yes, that's right!

This has to be one of the great Hanoi street food experiences. Everything is cooked out the front of each eatery on long barbeques fueled by burning coals. Chicken wings & legs (and feet!) are the mainstay here but be sure to ask for the ribs (sườn), sweet potato (khoai tây ngọt), and honey bread (bánh mì).

The marinades, which the cooks baste everything with constantly while on the barbeque, make everything just explode on the flavour scale.

Be warned, these little food stalls are not the tidiest places in the world to dine. It's very simple, and a bit grimy, but when the food is this good, you'll be glad you gave it a try.

Dinner Food Local Spot

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