Cocktailbar Njoy

Lange Leidsedwarsstraat 93, 1017 Amsterdam, Pays-Bas Lange Leidsedwarsstraat 93, 1017 Amsterdam, Pays-Bas
Cocktailbar Njoy. Amsterdam, Netherlands

notice a revival of the cocktail culture in Amsterdam. Cocktailbar Njoy is around for a while but I only noticed it last weekend when I took a short cut on my way to the Leidsestraat. It’s an address for very good cocktails in Amsterdam close to the tourist centre. Packed between the typical tourist trap bars this place gives you an international feeling once inside. And the shakers at Njoy know what they are doing! They design new cocktails every year for contest and even the world cup. The cocktail menu is organised by personality such as: the trendsetter, the alchemist, the dreamer, the connoisseur, the sparkling star and the virgin. I happened to be quite a dreamer, tasting delicious cocktails like the painted rose and the porn star passion (what’s in a name, lol!). The signature cocktail at cocktailbar Njoy is the Envy me #1 (set on fire for you) and the C&S delight. If you like to snack while drinking: Njoy has an extensive menu with delicious small bites (new menu coming spring 2013). Let’s have some cocktails!Address: Korte Leidsedwarsstraat 93, Amsterdam
Neighbourhood: Amsterdam city centre
Website: njoycocktails.com
Price range: cocktails from € 12,-
Perfect for: a préor after dinner drink with your lover or a night out with your expat friends.

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