Bar Moustache

Utrechtsestraat 141, 1017 Amsterdam, Pays-Bas Utrechtsestraat 141, 1017 Amsterdam, Pays-Bas
Bar Moustache. Amsterdam, Netherlands

Most funny feature:

The little Moustache to indicate the men’s room. Furthermore it’s definitely a cool cafe. Not cool in a way you should wear your prettiest dress, because it’s laid-back in here. You can easily bring your laptop, enjoy a dadelcake with caramel with your friend or dive into their magazine rack (with the Condé Nast Traveller, good choice!!!). The Utrechtsestraat is one of the best streets in Amsterdam: with great shops and cool cafees. And Bar Moustache is a fantastic addition to it.
Maandag tot donderdag 9.00 uur tot 1.00 uur

Vrijdag & Zaterdag: 9.00 uur tot 3.00 uur

Zondag: 10.00 uur tot 1.00 uur

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