Oostelijke Handelskade 4, 1019 BM Amsterdam, Pays-Bas Oostelijke Handelskade 4, 1019 BM Amsterdam, Pays-Bas
Mercat. Amsterdam, Netherlands

Most striking feature:

The light. First there was Witteveen in the Pijp (two windows, but a rather dark restaurant), then there was Mazzo (even darker with the beautiful chalkboard on the walls) and now there’s Mercat in Panama. Huge windows surround the pretty interior. Sunrays shine on your table and on the big jamon’s hanging above the bar. As the name suggests, Mercat is a restaurant with a Spanish menu – and a Spanish chef, that’s why the staff is willing to learn the language, I think that’s pretty cool. Tapas, Pintxos, Cava it’s all on the menu. So I thought: let’s try this one during the Spanish lunch time. You see: the restaurant was empty. But hey, it’s only open for a few weeks now so the crowds will start coming in soon. During the day you can sit at one of the three lazy couches (Chesterfields just like in Witteveen and Mazzo) and cool wooden design chairs (spotted in Mazzo as well). Grab your laptop or a few magazines and you can stay here till late dinner. The interior done by Concrete is picture perfect. The lighting is amazing, the market signs above the bar referring to the famous Mercats in Spain are stunning, there’s also a big floor-to-ceiling cupboard (reminded me of the one in Mazzo) filled with Spanish olive oil, sardines and more. Mercat uses the same chairs as Witteveen and Mazzo, and on the ceiling you will find (maybe 50, maybe more, I didn’t count them) industrial lamps. Beautiful. In Summer there’s a big terrace outside.

020 - 344 64 24
sunday - thursday 10.00 - 01.00
friday and saturday 10.00 - 02.00

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