5 Hours Rift Valley Hiking Tour

Mto wa Mbu, Tanzania Mto wa Mbu, Tanzania
Banana Plantations Kiruruma Waterfalls Mto Wa Mbu Rift Valley Forest & Rift Valley Escarpment
5 Hours Rift Valley Hiking Tour. Mto wa Mbu, Tanzania

1st Stopover: Mto Wa Mbu Town
From your camp/lodge head to Mto Wa Mbu town “Mosquito River”, loosely translated as Mosquito creek nestled in a fertile Rift Valley spreading out from the base of Escarpment and bordering Lake Manyara National Park. It’s a wonderful, amazing, lively and interesting destination. Maasai Market and the road is lined with boutique for arts and craft, and vendors selling everything such as sweet potatoes, rice and the like. It’s a good place to stop for Red Banana.

2nd Stopover: Banana Plantations
Mto Wa Mbu is a melting pot of Tanzanians from many regions, all drawn here by the farming opportunities in a fertile Rift Valley basin. Walk through the banana groves and rice paddies fed by many springs emanating from the base of the Great Rift Wall. Learn more facts about bananas such as banana and plantains are a daily staple of a Tanzanian diet and banana are used to make local brews, and wine.

3rd Stopover: Miwaleni Waterfalls
With each moment getting sweeter, dazzling rays of cool refreshing air, the earth seems to be far away and the countryside looking greener. Stumble upon a trickling streams and Miwaleni waterfalls seeping out of the base of the Rift Valley Wall. These streams and waterfalls fed the rice paddies, banana groves, low-altitude tropical forest and the Lake basin.
4th Stopover: Miwaleni Forest
Hike through Miwaleni forest with outstanding natural scenic, geological, ecological, flora and fauna in the spectacular setting. Explore different plant and bird species such as starlings, kingfishers, hornbill and many more.
5th Stopover: Rift Valley Escarpment
This is an impressive landform making a seven (7) million year old tectonic confusion in the earth’s crust. The section of the Rift at Manyara is named after geologist John Walter Gregory who soined the Phrase “Rift Valley” to describe the stark geology he saw when he surveyed it towards the end of 19th century. The Escarpment rises to approximately 1200 to 1300 metre above sea level which stretches for about 8000 km from Turkey to the mouth of the Zambezi River in Mozambique.
Looking down below the Western Great Rift Wall, spectacular views of Mbuga ya Fisi, Essimingor in the East and Lake Manyara shimmer in heat haze. Watch the Maasai herds across the Great Plains and this place of boundless beauty where the problem of life vanish as you get buried into entertain joints of magnificent views.

Banana Plantations Kiruruma Waterfalls Mto Wa Mbu Rift Valley Forest & Rift Valley Escarpment

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