10 Days Highland Trekking Safari

Ngorongoro, Tanzania Ngorongoro, Tanzania
Lake Eyasi Lake Natron Ngorongoro Crater Oldoinyo Lengai and Arusha NP Serengeti NP
10 Days Highland Trekking Safari. Ngorongoro, Tanzania

Day 1-2: Serengeti National Park
After breakfast head to Serengeti. Serengeti national park offers the most scintillating game-viewing in Africa such as great herds of buffalo, smaller groups of elephant and giraffe, thousands upon thousands eland, topi, kongoni, impala, grant gazelle, lion prides feast on the abundance of plain grazers, leopards haunt the acacia tree and cheetahs prowls the endless plains. Over 500 bird species ranging from the outsized ostrich and bizarre secretary bird of the open grassland to the black eagles that soar effortlessly above the sky. In the mid-afternoon head back to you camp for lunch and after a little relaxation break at the campsite/lodge head back for your evening game drive. One of the most magically memorable of the Serengeti experiences, a balloon safari allows you to drift in silence above the splendor of the plains to dip down to visit the hippo pools of the Grumeti River and to enjoy a bird’s eye view of the wildlife theatre as it is enacted below you. Dinner and overnight at Camp/lodge

Day 3: Serengeti- Ngorongoro Crater
Early morning, depart Serengeti for Ngorongoro crater with your picnic lunch via Olduvai Gorge where the skull of Zinjanthropus nicknamed “the Nutcracker” due to large back molars found by Dr. Louis and Mary Leaky in 1959, the museum behind Olduvai's viewing platform provides some further clues as to the secrets such as the prehistoric tools and the bones of extinct animals and the exhibits, tell their own story of yesteryear. You will visit Maasai boma and have lunch en-route. Dinner and overnight at camp/lodge

Day 4: Ngorongoro Crater
After having a hearty breakfast, you descend down to the Crater floor. As you drive down the descend road, the black dots below becomes discernable shapes, with the crater becoming ever more beautiful and irresistible. Zebra and wildebeest mix on the crater floor along with some 50 lions, 400 hyenas, grant’s and Thomson’s gazelles, cheetah, antelopes, hippos, various types of jackal, greater and lesser flamingo and many other species. Enjoy your picnic Lunch at the Site with a spectacular wildlife and scenery views and at the late afternoon return to the camp/lodge. Dinner and overnight at camp/lodge

Day 5: Empakaai Crater Trek
After breakfast, hike down with picnic lunch to Empakaai Crater- a caldera in the extreme north-east of Ngorongoro crater floor. It is a place with spectacular evergreen forest remnants surrounding a beautiful lake which is seasonally occupied by large numbers of flamingos. In the late afternoon ascend to Empakaai crater rim for dinner and overnight at Empakaai Camp

Day 6: Lake Eyasi
After hearty breakfast head to the Hadzabe village where you will walk with Hadzabe Bushmen for the hunt in the bush and learn why their bows are strung with giraffe tendon and arrow coated in lethal poison. Then later on stop for migrating flamingos and attracts vast number of birds such as African spoonbill, gray headed gulls, great white pelican’s pied avocet and yellow billed storks at Lake Eyasi. In the evening you head to Lake Manyara for dinner and overnight at Twiga campsite

Day 7: Lake Natron
After an early breakfast depart to Lake Natron, on the way you will probably see vultures and marabou stork, the most efficient scavengers in the savannah soaring above the sky. The grassland dotted with acacia woodland and small mountains with acacia rocks. Around noon, you will reach Lake Natron, have lunch and spend a relaxing evening by the river at Campsite in Lake Natron

Day 8: Lake Natron
Take a step back in time today during this full day of hiking through the remote and historic Maasai land. Your Maasai walking guide will lead you down into the Rift Valley where few travelers have ventured – enjoy the exclusivity of these remote lands. Dip in pools formed under a group of waterfalls, hike up to the waterfall source to experience the falls from a different perspective, and explore the salt-crushed, pristine shores of Lake Natron during your time here. Dinner and overnights Campsite in Lake Natron

Day 9: Lake Natron- Oldoinyo Lengai Summit
The lake is a home to the endangered lesser flamingos and other exotic birdlife and pose to be fascinating breeding site of 2.5 million lesser flamingos because it is caustic environment which act as barrier against predators trying to reach the flamingo’s nests. Explore the Lake Natron as you watch as many birds that feed on the lake and take as many photos as you like. Return to you camp for a hot lunch. Climb Oldonyo Lengai with your porter, a volcanic mountain in Lake Natron at midnight for about 5-6 hrs and you will reach the summit at dawn. Trek through volcanic rocks and view the molten lava in the volcano, take as many photos at the summit then descend from the summit to return to camp for a hot breakfast.

Day 10: Arusha National Park- Fly Home
After having a hot sumptuous breakfast, depart to Arusha national park for your last African safari. A hidden little gem on the foothills of volcanic Mount Meru near Arusha, covered by montane forests, acacia woodland and open plains are inhabited by hundreds of giraffe, buffalo, warthog, zebras, dik-dik, leopards, spotted hyenas. You will hike to with a game ranger to Momella lakes tinged with their prolific birdlife that inhabits the shallow freshwater and saline lakes. The slower you go, the more you obtain the best view of both animals and scenery. In the early afternoon, transfer to the airport and fly home. Or depending on the schedule of your flights, you may want to explore the small town of Arusha independently or buy the last souvenirs in the market.

OR prolong your safari trip and opt for luxury and relaxation in Zanzibar Island

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Lake Eyasi Lake Natron Ngorongoro Crater Oldoinyo Lengai and Arusha NP Serengeti NP

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