London, United Kingdom London, United Kingdom
Italian bakery cafe
Princi. London, United Kingdom

The London branch of the Milan bakery has been packed from the day it opened five years ago. The ordering system has always been a little chaotic and it hasn't been a place I would choose for a relaxing breakfast. However, I was pleasantly surprised when I wandered in one Saturday morning and found only a few people quietly enjoying their breakfast with a morning paper.

The pastries are superb and I recommend the pain au chocolat, almond croissant and apricot crostata as well as the moreish filled mini croissants (custard creme, Nutella or raspberry jam).

For the rest of the day, pizzas, salads and hot dishes are available.

Opening hours: (no bookings)
Mon-Sat 08.00 to 00.00
Sun 08.30-22.00

+44 20 7478 8888
Italian bakery cafe

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