Puig De Montision

Porreres, Spain Porreres, Spain
Puig De Montision. Porreres, Spain

The Sanctuary of Monti-Sion from the fourteenth century is dedicates to the Lady of Mount Zion (Mare de Déu de Monti-sion) hermitage. Over time the sanctuary was enlarged and at the end of the fifteenth century, from 1498, the chapel that we see today, and the monastery began undertook a major restoration of the sanctuary of Monti-sion, in 1892, a new altar was built in the chapel. Pere Campins was bishop of Palma from 1898 until his death in 1915. The main avenue of the city Porreres bears his name in his honor (Avingida del Bisbe Campins). The current appearance of the sanctuary date of restoration of 1892.


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