Museum Liedtke

Carrer 2, 29, 07157 Andratx, Illes Balears, Spanien Carrer 2, 29, 07157 Andratx, Illes Balears, Spanien
art exhibition
Museum Liedtke. Andratx, Spanien

The museum Liedtke, designed and built from 1987 - 1993 by Dieter Walter Liedtke, combines the topography of the environment with the architecture of the museum in a marvellous way and a fantastic symbiosis between nature and the building.

Creating an asymmetrical architecture with detached rocks and visible formations of stone integrated in the building, the museum shows important artworks of the artist...

..."of the concrete evolution of the years 70s, 80s and 90s as well as the original works of his art formula of the 1988, the important art historical works of redescription of the white genprogrammes and the white gensections of the 80s and 90s and the knowledge."

art exhibition

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